Early in the year, we went to Barcelona to fly at the club Racbasa and spend a few days having a great time with good friends. Saturday was rather cold and windy but we where still able to fly in the gaps in the weather.  Sunday however was a much better day and there was a lot more flying to be done.

We have spent a fun and relaxed weekend flying helis at the Club Ala for the 3D Xtreme.

With a decent turnout there where some very good flights from pilots such as Enric Tatche, Vicente Liñana or Ruben Lainez to mention just a few.

The star of the show though was team RJX pilot from Germany, Nils Knuth, flying the latest models by RJX, the Vector 700 and Vectron 500

As I am still very much learning with helis, I also took my trusty PilotRc Extra 33SC to have some fun and show these heli guys how a plank is flown!

As we do every year, we headed off to Cáceres for the Bellota Jet, where this year the weather was good and we where able to fly both days in close to ideal conditions.

I took my PilotRc Extra 330SC and UltraFlash by Carf.  For fun I also had with me my Modelcombat Zagi (one for racing and one with led’s for night flying) and also my new helis, the Gaui X4 and X7.

There where several models that we had not seen yet in Spain, which included Javier Izquierdo’s Avanti’S by Krill, Jesús Bagüés’s Fn año más hemos visitado el club de RC Cáceres para celebrar el Bellota Jet, donde el tiempo ha  or Victor Calvo’s XXL ViperJet with AMT – yikes!

As I have done for the last few years, I spent some time in the UK at the Weston Park Airshow.  Having had a great time previously, this year I decided to go a few days earlier and really soak it up and fly even more!

Arriving on Wednesday I had the chance to try my good friend Rob Gardners J10, making about 8 flights to fully set everything up!

I also got to fly a Hangar 9 Extra, Pilot Extra, and a load of different jets and foamies!

Once again we have spent a great weekend in Zaragoza, with some even better friends. It was impossibly hot, but the urge to fly was stronger than the urge to run back to the hotel, so that was exactly what we did, fly all weekend long. The club did a great job in making all feel welcome and providing cold drinks to everyone!

We where invited to the festival at Los Arcos, Navarra where everyone made us feel very welcome.  Everyone except for the wind that was, with gale force winds all weekend flying was the last thing that we actually wanted to do!

Sor the second year, Centro Rc Levante organized the HeliDatil Smackdown at the Club Aeromodelismo Elche. The first year had a great turnout and this second year has really put the event onthe map. With pilots from the UK, Germany, France and all the Spanish pilots showed a great variety of flying styles, helicopters and an impressive level of flying. Also at the event where Andrew Hinton Lever from Opti brands (Opti Power, Opti Fuel, Opti Smoke…) as well as Anne Chen and Howard Tan both from GAUI Taiwan.

For the second time this year, I travelled to the UK for the great airshow that is Weston Park.  This time however for the night show version!

Despite it being a night show lasting approximately three hours as soon as it gets dark, as with the daytime version we made the most of it with a load of “practice” during the hours of daylight as well!

The amount of pyros and explosions where incredible, much more than during the day show.  With the planes loaded with pyros and lights it was not for the faint hearted.  From the most simple setups to mind boggling 84 channel multicolour setups and everything in between.

Back in Asia with Powerbox-Systems, this time in Anji, close to Shanghai for a huge UAV show/competition As our models did not arrive in time, still being stuck in Beijing from a few weeks ago, Tony from Pilot-RC came good and was able to provide some of his great planes to fly at the event. The planes that we had available to us, both Alex Baltzer and I, where the new 91″ Extra 330SC, the jet Dolphin and to HotDogs by DS-Jets, cool!

2015 Is reaching an end, and I have to say that despite having had a number of very positive years, this has without a doubt blown everything else out of the park.
Among new sponsorship deals, product tests, some developments that will be released soon and great trips to other continents, it has made 2015 a very intense year, but at the same time a year full of success, new friends and unforgettable memories.

This has been a great year for me, and this trip has been a dream made reality. I have visited the country that was top of my list of places to see, and better yet I have been able to do so through my hobby and with some great friends, new and old. With the help of Terry’s RC and Pilot-RC I have been able to participate at two events in this amazing country, celebrating the 44th National Day.

In 2009, I wasnt especially fascinated by jets. Mainly due to my lack of knowledge about them, and that the few flights that I had seen where nothing all that special. Nevertheless, my friend Oscar Moran asked me to go with him to Mallorca, to the shop Helimania (also JetCat Spain) as he had purchased his first jet powered model, a Boomerang Elan and the idea was for us both to go and learn about how they work, and learn how to fly them before going back home.

As every year, we celebrated the club day with friends and neighbour clubs, here are some photos and videos:

For yet another year, we have started the season at the Bellota Jet,  with good friends and models. This year I took my brand new Extra 330SC Krill Model, but due to the few flights I opted to use it for just some sequence flights, and some simple manouvers, to at least show people how it looks in the air, and how amazingly precise it is. I also took the Pilot Edge 540 and as of course my Ultra Flash with JetCat P140RX, which every flight that I do I like it even more.

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Martin Pickering, champion of the SXFC 2013!!  Competing against pilots from Spain, Portugal, and Israel! Second place Pedro Precioso, third place Pablo Consejo, both with very good freestyles!

Thanks to an invite from Markus at JetCat, and with the support from JetCat Spain, we spent the last weekend at the most amazing show, the JetCat Airshow 2013, held at the MFM Mullheim in Germany. By far one of the best shows I have been to. From the level of flying from all the pilots, to the amazing planes, or the simply spectacular JetMan Yves Rossy.

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