New product by Powerbox-Systems: MagSensor At this years Jet Power, at the Powerbox-Systems stand we discovered their latest product, an add on for their powerboxes, the MagSensor.


The idea is that it is a magnetic on/off switch which can subsitute the standard three button on/off switch from all their powerbox units.
It has the advantage of being much smaller than the standard switch, therefore making installation in tight spaces easier. Also, due do it not needing to be accessable from the outside of the model, there is no need to cut large holes into the side of your fuselage.
It connects into the exact same place as the standard on/off switch, so it is a very quick job to install the new MagSensor.
To turn the model on, there are two green LED”s, one on each side of the sensor, one for each battery. Simply hold the magnet supplied in front of the first LED for approximately a second and the LED will turn on acompanied by a loud beep, to indicate that you have correctly turned on that battery. Now repeat the procedure in front of the second LED to turn on the second battery.
To turn the model off, it is exactly the same procedure, once you hold the magent in front of one of the LED”s, after approximately a second the LED will go out, acompanied by a buzz, to indicate that you have correctly turned that battery off. Repeat the same for the second battery.
For powerboxes with “consumption reset” or “black box” you can still access these options by waving the magnet from one LED to the other five times.
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