Possibly one of the most important decisions to be made when putting together a new model is the type of battery that we are going to use to supply that all important power to our servos and other electrical components.


One of my favourite Powerbox-Systems products are their Lipo batteries, different to all others on the market due to their unique specifications. Unlike most lipos these are designed specially for receiver systems. The first advantage is that they have a hard case, with a simple cradle support, making taking them out of the model for charging just a couple of seconds.

Currently Powerbox-Systems have three different lipo sizes, these being 1.500mAh, 2.800mAh and 4.000mAh. They also have a new set, of 3.300mAh LiFePo4.

For my 3m Krill-Model Sukhoi I decided to use the Powerbox-Systems 4.000mAh Lipo’s. They supply the power to all 17 servos (4 per wing, 2 per elevator, 2 for rudder and 1 for throttle) as well as the power for the ignition and also for the smoke pump.
This has worked perfectly, giving me 4 full flights which use just under half the power of the lipos, at which point I swap the batteries for a fresh set, purely for peace of mind.

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